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Having CEOs and founders of outstanding companies in China, this Business Seminar will cover two sessions: the first session will focus on Branding and Marketing Strategy, going beyond traditional commodities. We will discuss how the right marketing campaigns in different sectors can impact on the success of a company.

The second part will be about Entrepreneurship and Startups in China. Beijing as the New Silicon Valley offers opportunities for varieties of startups that develop new ideas in the right place, the Capital of the fastest growing economy.
This unprecedented event is organised by Yenching Academy of Peking University and the Mexican Chamber or Commerce in China.

This event will be carried out in English.
For reference on how to get to the venue consult "documents" in the menu to find the map of the University.

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Peking University
Beijing, Китай

Lecture Hall B101
Basement of Second Gymnasium
Map of Peking University.jpg

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